Friday, November 22, 2013

Costumes and Life

So Halloween doth passed and I never gave you guys the spill on my costume! So busy, I never update this blog enough lol.

Anyways, so yep, I was Lord Garmadon as of the Pilot episodes! My brother was Vader for the first time in like... 7 years and my mom was Nya from Ninjago. And at the mall, a guy was dress up as a Lego brick!

It was really fun to make the costume with my dad :)  Well, he just helped buy some things and did a little painting! I'll have a post about that later though.

My mom wore my Nya cosplay and all my friends think she's the coolest haha. I made everything from the shirt, to the belt, to the staff!

I hope you all had a fun time if you do that sort of thing. But sadly my staff broke later that night so my dad says he'll make a better one for me.

Oh and funny part, everyone thought I was a guy until I talked. They didn't even notice I had boobs lol.

And another thing! I've been so slow with things because I got a job! I'm acting! So far I was a background groupie for Dab in Dog With a Blog,. the episode will be "Love, Loss, and Beanbag Toss". And was in the Toys for Tots Game On promo. Both should be out soon. Brother has been busier than me actually but I don't mind.

Catching Fire came out today too! Sadly I won't be wearing a costume because I just couldn't do it... so yep that's what's new! I'll be planing some just for fun cosplays in the coming months so I PROMISE I'll get posting more lol

Saturday, September 7, 2013

How to Make Everyday Cosplay Cammis

So costumes are on hold for now since I need money and I'm broke right now XD But I am also planning a Marie Mjolnir cosplay from Soul Eater ^-^

Oh and I am also going to be posting not only cosplay stuff but other arts and crafts as well :)

So for now I guess I'll give some sort of explanation on how I've made my everyday cosplay Ninja cammis ^-^

 I bought a butt load of different colored camisoles from Justice during a flash sale. I bought 12, eleven are for Ninjago ones & the 12th was for an Anakin Skywalker one, but I haven't started on that.

I don't have any pics, but for colors I used Scribbles fabric paint & for the black & white outlines, I used Tulip Slick.

The one I'll be using as a example will be my fave: Season Finale-Garmadon. He of course, wears a black & purple 'kimono'.
 I started by painting the purple parts wear the edging of the black layers overlap and the knot where it tied at the bottom. After everything is painted and dried do you outline it.

I also started on the chinese characters which I painted in gold. Though some people like to depict it in light blue or a lighter shade of purple. I personally thought gold would be better because of the dragon the back of his kimono.
 I outlined the places where the purple edging overlapped and I used the white slick paint to color in the middle wear his under shirt and let that dry and then used black on that for the folds.

Also on the knotted part I added in the details of wear it ties.

I also did not outline the sections of purple against the black.
 Now for the final part, I finished the characters, which was very hard trying to look at the lettering from images. I may have gotten it partially wrong now that I look at my new minifigure.

Now you'll want to let this all dry before doing anything else.
 Now what I did for just this shirt, I painted the Golden Dragon on the back. I started with a shape outline and simply used a brush to spread the paint around.

It look quite a while and insane amount of patience to complete this part because it was such a big space to fill in. I had to go and buy another paint bottle just to finish this dragon. 
After I colored in the snake shape I added the extra fins and such.

This part though is so delicate. When you wash it, do it on delicate definitely. That's what my mom does for all my painted shirts.

Though always have extra paint on hand to do maintenance on them because the fins on this started peeling.

Because it's a camisole you actually don't have to wash it very often so that will save it. My shirts are over 6 months old and this shirt I only had to do minor repairs once :)

You can do this cartoony character shirt designs with literally anything! In fact someone else gave me the idea on DA. Though I do not have the link right now.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hey guys! Long time post huh? Been busy...

Anyways, so... man the time's getting closer to Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. Oh and Hunger Games and the 2md Hobbit!

I've been planing it out but I still need to get money for the fabric. For now, how bout I talk about my Halloween costume for this year?

Well I am actually going to be Lord Garmadon from Lego Ninjago
 Only a more 'feminine' style. The hardest part will be making the helmet and his Mega Weapon... or possibly a lightning staff. My dad has agreed to assist me. My make up will be similar to how I do my Ahsoka Tano make up.

The helmet I'll be making out of a Darth Vader helmet piece and I'll be spray painting it silver. But I'll be posting more.

That's all for my update. Thanks for reading :) 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cosplay Train Firing Up Soon

Lol well as the title says, this Summer my dad has gotten work! (Praise the Lord!) And not only does this mean tickets to Taylor Swift's Red Tour in LA but that means new materials for costume making! I know Disney now owns Star Wars and I'm assuming that the rest of the Saga will be re-released... so all I need is enough fabric and the dyes for my Lake Gown which had been put on hold for over a year now!

But happy to say I don't need to make as many costume as I thought for this year, being that my Tauriel costume for the Hobbit movies has been completed since last November :D All I need now is a pair of $15 fake elf ear pieces.

I will also be starting production on the green velvet dress from Revenge of the Sith (again I remember it being confirmed that Rots and AotC are to be released this September and October). My grandma has joyfully agreed to help me make both dresses.

Also... which outfit should I make for November's release of Catching Fire?! I personally like this one to left.

Or should I go with classic Katniss? Like this one?

Last year I did the Reaping Dress but I was thinking of this one as well since it will late fall and most likely, cold. When I went to see Hunger Games in March last year, it was pouring out! My feet got wet cuz I was wearing sandals. For the Hobbit I was covered head to toe in my elf attire so I was okay.

I'd love your opinion :)

So those are my projects so far... Also my friend Mary, I might be visiting her on her birthday June 15th, and she tells me there's a little SW convention thing going on that we could go to together! I do go, which costume should I wear? Ahsoka season 3, or Padme Tatooine? To tell the truth I'm more partial to my Padme one because I only wore it once XD

But yea that's what new with me! Thanks for following my costumes and my updates!  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Taylor Swift Costume

 So I didn't win the contest but here's the costume! :D The wig was just a couple shades too light... Two guys (they were dressed as Psy and Charlie Sheen XD) they at first thought I was Christina Agulaira (SP?) XD
The eye make up: Maybeline Liquid Eyeliner and Mascara

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Apologies But A New Costume!! :D

Phew sorry, life has so gotten in the way. Plus I haven't found the time or money to be making that many new cosplay stuff or even checking up on my blog! I may not be responding so fast or often to comments so now you know XD

BUT!! I have done some pretty cool stuff :)

First off: My local Chick-Fil-A is having a Celebrity Night Contest! The winner of the Female Celeb Look Alike wins free Chick-Fil-A for a year! I decided to enter it on April 24th. I'll be dressing as Taylor Swift :) I found the most perfect outfit from her Red photoshoot! Look here:

 At Forever 21 I found the EXACT shirt she wears the left picture, a VERY close match the shorts in the middle pic, and pretty much the exact same hat as seen in the right pic. Plus a pair of adorable brown flats from Target for $20  ^-^  And if want the look same as me, run on over to Forever 21! They have all of the items in stock still!

But of course, I am a brunette, if you've seen any normal pics of me, so I'll breaking out one of my two blonde wigs :) So wish me luck with the contest!

I'll try and update more stuff ;)


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hermione Cosplay

Hello! I did it :D My Hermione Granger Cosplay!

Find all cosplay and costumes accessories on my DeviantART account: SkyguysSnips

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Working Hard

As said above, I am working very hard on my new Cosplays! On DeviantART I have some WIP pages for costumes I'm gonna be working on... on bright side: I have everything I basically need for a Hermione costume! :D

And for the Hobbit coming out, I am making an elf cosplay for a Mirkwood elf named Taurial :D The epic part is my mom has this soft green angora wool sweater thing (from Japan mind you) that I get to use since Taurial's outfit requires something similar to that :D

So some are for Halloween this year, some are for movies coming out, and some are just for fun ^_^

So yea here are the WIPs (click on them to go to my DA page ^^)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hey guys! I haven't posted anything in a LONG time! Right?

Anyways, progress on my Padme-Lake Gown has been halted, due to the fact I cannots afford fabric, or the other dyes I need! Besides, I'll have more time because Sept. is AotC released and RotS the following month! So I must have the Lake Gown AND the green velvet dress done by the beginning of  September.

Then comes the sequel to the Hunger Games: Catching Fire, where I will try to create either the blakc and white dress (Mocking Jay Dress) or the arena body suit.

Oh and this year, the costumes I WILL be posting is my Galadrial CosPlay I'm working on for 'The Hobbit', my Halloween Party costume, I'm going as Coraline, as in the movie, and a Corpse Bride costume (and make up) for my mum :D (And yes, I might be able to wear the dress as well XD Well... I have to rip it up first XD)

So yes! One costume will be held off this year, but three new ones by December will be up!

Plus I'm doing the drama class again, and who knows what cool costumes I'm make this semester! :D

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2 New Costumes

Shalom all!

I just wanted to give an update! I will be have 2 new costumes up by this up coming Halloween! Black Canary (mask version) from Batman, and Padme Naboo Lake Gown from Attack of the Clones!

On YouTube I'll even post vids of me dying the actual dress and probably even making some of the accessories for it like the head bands^^

So that all for now :)

Catch ya'll later ;)